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Founders Story

Growing together with our clients.

Founders story
CaptionFounders from left to right: Mike Easley, CPA; Nicholas Endres, CPA; Steven Parkhill, CPA; Bo Brackendorff, CPA.

Established in 1987, EEPB is a first-generation Houston-based public accounting firm formed by Mike Easley, Nick Endres, Steve Parkhill and Melvin “Bo” Brackendorff. From the beginning, we followed a proactive educational advisory Integrated Service Approach that focuses on our clients’ most significant business and wealth preservation issues.

Through the years, we have continued to grow while emphasizing our strong, team-oriented culture. Today, we provide accounting, assurance, outsourcing, tax and advisory services through the efforts of approximately 100 dedicated people. From start-up entrepreneurs to multi-million-dollar conglomerates, understanding and meeting the needs of our clients is the ongoing commitment of the firm.


Parkhill steve small

Steven Parkhill, CPA

Brackendorff bo small

Bo Brackendorff, CPA

Easley mike small

Mike Easley, CPA

Endres nick small

Nick Endres, CPA


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