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Federal, State & Local

Our specialists can streamline effective approaches to your tax concerns.

Federal, state and local taxes directly impact a company’s cash flow, effective tax rate, and its risk profile. We can help you accurately plan for and report your federal, state and local tax responsibilities throughout the lifecycle of your business. Our professionals are committed to staying up-to-date on federal, state and local case law and ongoing legislative developments throughout the nation and are proactive in their approach to ensure you are always aware of emerging tax obligations and possible refund opportunities.

In addition, our experience and extensive knowledge in the areas of oil & gas, healthcare, high tech, construction manufacturing and more, enables us to examine compliance processes, identify potential risks or weaknesses and uncover tax-saving opportunities for our clients.

Our services include:

Tax recovery & refund reviews

Audit representation/dispute resolution

Voluntary disclosure

Compliance reviews

Successor liability studies

Nexus studies

Major project/contract taxability reviews

Managed audits

Employee tax training/tax guides & manuals

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