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Tax Credits & Incentives

We’ll identify federal, state and local credits and incentives and develop a strategy to help you realize and maximize the many opportunities they can offer.

Tax credits and incentives vary significantly from state to state and minimizing state and local tax liabilities is an important consideration for companies today. The professionals at eepb have decades of experience assisting clients with state and local tax credits and incentives through specialized services that put your business first.

We’ll provide valuable insights on how to secure favorable incentive packages such as tax and non-tax savings opportunities for job creation, research, training and other qualified expenses.

By implementing available credits and incentives, you can potentially avoid paying unnecessary taxes, manage operational costs, improve earnings before interest and tax, plus more.

Our focus areas include:

Research and development tax credit

R&E tax deduction

Domestic production deduction

Foreign tax credit calculations

Interest charge domestic international sales corporation

Sales and use tax

Enterprise zone credits

EEPB InnovaTax

For more information relating to our research and development tax credit services, please visit our affiliate website, EEPB InnovaTax.

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